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I absolutely love the effect that just scrolling through your ebook gave me - instant motivation to do the work. I appreciate how you emphasized the mindset part of the process. Your ebook is packed with helpful content, it's not only "how" and "when" to declutter but also "why should I even bother". Being a mom, it's super important for me to get kids on board and I can tell that you get me and my problems because you're giving me tips on decluttering with kids, not only tell me to go through the toys. Thank you also for mentioning that I do not want to pass on the mess to my kids - that was spot on, huge a-ha moment!

Alicja - Mom of 3

I love the option of having the Google calendar to help me take action. I found the reminders to get rid of things helpful and having monthly task broken down make you feel good and give you the energy to move on to bigger task.

Johnnie - Mom of 2

Inspirational quotes around my home help keep me centered and I love decorating them in my office and other areas around my home.

Petra- Mom of 1